Tuesday, August 04, 2015

15. To catch a thief

I'm playing James Bond today. A thief stole my iPhone yesterday. We caught his identity in the CCTV and alerted the authorities. The phone has a passcode. There are 9999 combinations to unlock the phone. Assuming he's been trying to unlock it, it will take him days and numb fingers to get pass through the screen lock. If he is successful, he will find out that the number is blocked. I already have new a sim with my old number from the phone company.  I've reconfigured all email accounts. So, the phone is useless. He can change the sim and reset the phone. But it is going to stick to my iCloud account. The fun part is if he tries to connect to the web, the phone will declare itself as stolen and send me an email. I can then erase all the contents remotely and catch this son of a gun. Have popcorn. Will catch a thief. 

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