Monday, January 16, 2017

Day 16: That Lecaroz Painting

of Francis M.
was done in half a day,
one June 12 afternoon,
when boredom struck
and we had money to burn
on canvas, paint, and beer,
with splashes and shades
of the Republic's flag
Kaleidoscope World repeatedly 
played "Every color every hue is
represented by me and you."
I only wanted to see her work
half-expecting she'll get it; half she won't.
It mattered not so long as the barbeque 
came out tender and flavorful.
But she painted
like a mad woman, 
twisting and turning,
the brush landing on the canvas
followed no patterns 
but those in her mind.
She was on his eyes when she paused,
changing brushes as she worked,
her hand barely moving in its stance.
I left to check the grill and let her be.
Then she hanged it on the wall for it was done
And I, 
whelmed by what transpired, 
genius that was once cloaked 
has been found.

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