Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Day 24: Boazanian Dreams

I don’t remember Voltes V
ever having trouble with it.
A beast fighter attacks 
and they begin the dance — 
the machine hero takes some beating
a couple of blows,
it is wrestled to the ground,
a chain runs a current
gets the team in pain,
But the earth defender recovers,
chain knuckles, Voltes Bazooka,
the Ultra Electro Magnetic Top is unleashed 
taking from the skills of Mark Gordon,
the orphan cowboy with the obscure past,
the snake like belt turns 
into a yo-yo string and a whip 
with spinning tops that 
explode on impact.
It never fails
this zippy gadget
doesn't stop 
the way a cellphone drops a connection 
or an ATM goes offline
and debits your money
and eats your card,
or the LRT freezes on track
or your car gets a flat tire.
And though the Voltes V story 
fails not to inspire 
it's never the same
when you gear up for work
and a thing conks out
in a third world kind of way
and you lose or 
(almost) die.

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