Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Day 25: Letter to 70 year old self

You could have been President 
like you once dreamed 
until you read Nietzsche and 
decided metaphysics is more exciting 
than feeding the greed 
of those who profess 
they want to serve.
The philosopher king 
would have to win the election 
without joining it
or wanting to
such queerness of fate
should match 
Plato’s design that the 
ordinary ones wouldn't understand.
But cheers to you who kept the faith
to keep the path that Frost described
to find enjoyment in the rain,
drink in measured cups,
fast in large dinners, 
feast when there is little
To sing the forgotten song 
and dance for dancing’s sake 
To tell the story no one
wants to hear
To think and unthink at a finger snap
To love with a love, as Poe described,
That is more than love, 
and love some more.
To stay when there is hope
To pray when there is none
As the universe expands,
to be its little child.

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