Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Day 3: Rice, Nori, Egg - Done

I got this tip from Ivan Orkin, the white guy who had the temerity to open a ramen shop in Tokyo and nailed it. He was a teenager working as a dish washer in a Japanese restaurant. One day, he got hungry and asked the Japanese chefs for something to eat. They gave him a bowl of rice, cracked an egg on it (raw), seasoned it with nori and Japanese soy sauce, and boom -- Japanese comfort food. I tweaked it a bit for health reasons to make it salmonella-free by boiling the egg for six minutes. What comes out is soft-boiled with a creamy yolk, which I imagine should be close to the texture of raw egg. I added some fish eggs to give it color and depth, and hey it's nourishment like no other. The exciting part is this dish sets me back by only 141 calories broken down as follows: one-fourth cup of rice (51calories), one egg (78 calories), nori (1 calorie), fish eggs (10 calories), and soy sauce (1 calorie). This meal is barely 18 percent of the 800 calories recommended per meal for males, a good way to start a diet without the feeling of depravation. My wife said I'm beginning to act like old professors who are experimenting with their meals. I guess she's right, age has something to do with that -- when you've tasted a lot of meals in your life and you're looking for that meal that you will like which will not be expensive, will not require tedious preparation, and will not expense out your calorie goals for the day, you go out hunting for it. And I may have found it in this Ivan Orkin tip.

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