Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Day 18: To Throw

off a troll, 
start with a big word 
like “supine,”
he’ll be wondering 
how it’s pronounced, 
and, too lazy to lift
his fingers and Google 
how to say it, he won't 
read any further, 
not knowing in English it means
— the acceptance
of an immoral situation 
due to selfishness or 
like when people are killed openly on the streets by state agents and 
no one protests because only drug addicts get killed and bystanders are mere collateral damage.
Also means 
— the position of body lying down and the face is looking upwards like when the drugs addicts are killed and they are made to lie facing the sky as the policemen put a gun on their hands to make it appear the corpses were involved in a shoot-out.
Sa Tagalog, “supin” syort por
sumisipsip na Pilipino kaya
kahit patayan ng patayan 
walang nagrereklamo kasi hapi-hapi tayo.
Supin supine in the face of murder.
And he, friendly neighborhood troll,
might even  click “like" and "share” 
if you end with
 👊 👊👊👊!

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